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As a means of providing new features, strengthening security even further and accommodating more users, is moving from a free service to a fee-based service on 1 March 2017. Registration is essential and is free. Registration is with organisations, not with individuals. Individual users should not register unless they are prepared to accept responsibility for fees when these take effect. The individual who registers has password control and is the administrator of their SDQScore account. The administrator (or their deputy) should have budgetary and professional responsibility for staff who create assessments on

The administrator generates user accounts (UserIDs) and passwords for staff to create and score assessments on Other than requiring a UserID and password generated by their administrator, users have much the same experience as before. Please ensure that you have registered and provided UserIDs to your staff. The administrator has date, time and cost information on SDQ assessments by UserID. The administrator is able to access, alter, re-score, audit and display assessments created by their UserIDs. The administrator can export data from individual assessments for their UserIDs.

Document: Instructions and links for registration (PDF) and a video here.
From 1 March 2017, use of the site will be subject to the following charges:
 scoring/assessment with one informant  US$0.25 
 scoring/assessment with two informants  US$0.50 
 scoring/assessment with three informants  US$0.75 
 PDF scoring report (each)  US$0.25 

Those scoring SDQs must login via UserIDs associated only with the administrative account. Charges will be made to the associated account as soon as the “SDQ Scores Report” menu item is clicked and confirmed; the charge will be shown on the menu in advance. Each time the “PDF: print and save” button is pressed and confirmed, your account will be debited US$0.25. Once charges are confirmed, it will not be possible to cancel them. Administrators will be able to create a detailed list of charges and payments at any time.

The preferred payment method is PayPal. Credit and debit card payments may be made without a PayPal account and PayPal allows payment in most currencies. Charges are exclusive of any taxes applicable locally. Local taxes are the responsibility of the holder of the administrative account.

For further information, heads of organisation/service are welcome to contact us at Please see the information about payments and registration and an summary overview. There is a video about registration and payment.
System time: UTC/GMT/Z